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Chemical Laboratory Tips & Information

What is Elemental Analysis?

Do you have a product or raw material that requires testing to identify if a particular element is present, or to what degree it is present? Do you have a good understanding of what elemental analysis is?

Chromatography Testing

Chromatography testing is a method used by a wide variety of industries for many different purposes. Chromatography essentially represents an array of laboratory techniques for the separation of mixtures.

What is High Performance Liquid Chromatography Testing?

Do you use high performance liquid chromatography testing for your products? Do you want to learn more about this popular test method?

Gas Chromatography Testing

Gas chromatography testing, also known as GC is one chromatography testing method. Gas chromatography is defined as an analytical separation technique where the minor components in a mixture of gases are separated and resolved into individual components.

Advantages of Using Galbraith Chemical Laboratory

Whether searching for a chemical laboratory or already enjoying the partnership of one, the three most critical qualities a company looks for are current technology, a solid, comprehensive quality program, and a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Trace Analysis

Do you have a product or raw material that you must determine if a particular element is present even in the most miniscule amounts? Do you have a good understanding of what trace analysis is? Do you need to identify a contract analytical testing laboratory to perform trace analysis testing for you?

Liquid Chromatography Testing History

Did you know that liquid chromatography was the first discovered in the 1800s? Used in the late 1890s, Russian botanist Tswett used liquid chromatography testing to separate and isolate various plant pigments.

IC Testing

Does your organization require IC testing (ion chromatography)? Would you like to learn more about this testing method?

Analytical Testing Laboratory

Is your company in the market for a testing laboratory to handle your analytical testing needs? Are you performing research of various laboratories and want to know what to look for?

Uses of Metals Testing

Metals testing is important to many different industries as metals are typically found in soil, water, and hazardous waste. Metals often tested for include selenium, aluminum, lead, mercury and arsenic.

How to select a Test Laboratory?

There are many test laboratory facilities throughout the world that provide analytical testing, and one stands above in terms of quality, expertise and service. Galbraith Laboratories, located in Knoxville, Tennessee, has established an international reputation for recognizing and solving client problems.

Chemical Testing Procedure

A chemical test is qualitative or semi-quantitative procedure designed to prove the existence of a chemical compound or chemical group with the aid of a specific reagent.

What are Trace Elements?

A trace element is an element in a sample having an average concentration of less than 100 parts per million. For many organizations, trace element testing is required to identify and quantify trace elements, elemental compounds and species.

Microanalytical Lab Service & Instrumentation

Have you heard the term microanalytical lab? Does your company require the services of a microanalytical lab?