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What is chemical testing

Chemical Testing Procedure

Contact Galbraith Laboratory for chemical testingA chemical test is qualitative or semi-quantitative procedure designed to prove the existence of a chemical compound or chemical group with the aid of a specific reagent.

It is common for companies to outsource their chemical testing to contract testing laboratories who routinely perform this type of testing. There are a wide variety of chemical tests performed such as:

Trace level analysis
More information about Galbraith Laboratory Adhesives analysis
Mass spectrometry
Lead testing
Materials analysis

When searching for a chemical testing laboratory, there are many aspects to consider:

Does the lab have a broad range of analytical instrumentation?
Does the lab have the expertise relevant to your industry?
Can the lab handle routine testing as well as complex or custom chemical testing?
Does the lab have a quality assurance program?
Do they have the certifications, accreditations, and licenses necessary for your testing requirements?
Is the lab able to perform testing for your sample? (i.e. liquid, gel, biological sample, pharmaceutical, metal, etc.)

If your organization is searching for a chemical testing lab, Galbraith Industries has nearly 60 years experience in analytical chemistry coupled with the cutting edge technology to handle your chemical analysis requirements.  Galbraith Laboratories is at the forefront in the marketplace in providing high quality chemical testing analysis to a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, environmental, agricultural, petroleum, paper & pulp, and more.  

With their state of the art technology, broad range of analytical instrumentation, and quality measures, Galbraith is a leading chemical testing laboratory providing services to a broad range of industries world-wide.  Call Galbraith Laboratories today to find out more about how their experienced and knowledgeable professionals will work with you for all your chemical testing needs.