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Data Delivery Confidentiality


Data delivery of confidential chemistry analysis

Inherent in our service as an independent laboratory is the strict confidentiality of all work performed for all clients. No reports or copies of any laboratory document will be sent to anyone other than the client unless written authorization is provided by the client. Confidentiality Agreements, which are part of standard business practice for many clients will be signed unconditionally.


Standard laboratory reports are emailed in .pdf or .html format (.xml format available upon request) and a hard copy is mailed. The report is faxed if no email address is available. Charges for priority delivery of reports will include carrier freight fees plus a 25% surcharge for handling. In addition to our standard report, GLI can accommodate requests for custom reporting and electronic deliverables.

Certified raw data packages are available at $50.00 per sample or a quoted price per batch of samples. The delivery of a raw data package follows the reporting of results and coincides with the same stated turn around time as originally requested on the Request for Analysis form. Raw data packages are both emailed as an electronic file and sent as a hard copy within 10 business days of the report being issued for regular service. For expedited services, raw data will be provided within 3-5 business days or within 24-48 hours depending on the original request.

Retention of Records

All data sheets, logs, and other project worksheets shall remain the property of GLI. GLI retains records for a period of 10 years, unless alternate arrangements are made by the client.

Intellectual Property

Methods, discoveries, procedures, and equipment developed by GLI for any specific project shall remain the sole property of GLI unless otherwise agreed upon a signed contract with the client.