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IC testing
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What Is IC Testing?

Does your organization require IC testing (ion chromatography)?  Would you like to learn more about this testing method?

Ion chromatography testing is an analytical testing method used for any project requiring the separation and identification of trace materials and components.  A well established laboratory like Galbraith Laboratories can test a large range of materials and products using this method.  
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By definition, ion chromatography is a type of liquid chromatography that uses ion exchange resins for separating and quantifying atomic and molecular ions or organic and inorganic ions for analysis.  

How Does IC Testing work?
This testing method uses both a mobile and stationary phase.  In the mobile phase, the chemist uses water and a buffer mixture (a mixture of acids and their salt or bases and their salt).  With ion chromatography, pH is a significant parameter that needs to be kept constant throughout the test.  The column is the stationary phase containing an active resin and the liquid sample is injected into the column.

During IC testing, the sample will be pushed through the column by the force of the constant flow of the mobile phase.  Since the sample is contacting the column, the dissolved ions contained within the sample have an attraction for the column and will replace less retained ions like those making up the buffer.  This continuous exchange process results in each ion coming out of the column and being identified by the conductivity detector.  The chemist will analyze the results and is able to determine the relative amount of each ion against known standards.

Organizations will often use IC testing for the separation of inorganic cations and anions in:

drugs in blood plasma
preservatives in foods
vitamins in foods and pharmaceuticals
organic acids in beverages
amino acids in biospecimins
ionic chelates in production samples
organic metallic compounds in metallurgical products

If your organization requires IC testing, contact the experienced professionals from Galbraith Laboratories.  Providing analytical services for over 57 years, Galbraith has the technical expertise to help you with all your testing needs.  The experience and education of the staff at Galbraith provides their clients with unparalleled service and quality for all your analytical requirements.  Contact Galbraith today for your IC testing needs and discover why Galbraith is a leader in the industry.