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High Performance Chromatography Testing

liquid chromatography testing

Instrument Capabilities

The Chromatography Laboratory performs a wide variety of analytical testing ranging from established Compendial methods to new methods developed to meet a client’s specific needs. The majority of our organic analyses are non-routine and customer specific. Some factors which can influence each project include the sample matrix, number of analytes, the ability to resolve all components in a single separation, and the type of sample preparation required.

Pricing Information

Due to the custom nature of much of the testing, pricing is project specific. Consequently, pricing is project specific. Requests requiring method development or validation will be handled by a formal quotation and are based upon an hourly rate. Written pricing confirmation and formal quotations are available free of charge.

Representative Analytes

Additives Amines Organic Acids and/or
Aldehydes and Keytones Aromatic Compounds Conjugate Bases
Alkanes Glycols and Ethers Preservatives
Alcohols Halogenated Compounds Fatty Acids