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History of liquid chromatography testing

What is Liquid Chromatography Testing?

Contact Galbraith Laboratory for chemical testing Did you know that liquid chromatography was the first discovered in the 1800s?  Used in the late 1890s, Russian botanist Tswett used liquid chromatography testing to separate and isolate various plant pigments.

He used the term chromatography (color writing) because of the colored bands produced on the adsorbent bed.  Chromatography was not accepted immediately since Tswett wrote his paper in Russian and other scientists failed to get the same results when they repeated his experiments.  It took an additional twenty years until liquid chromatography testing had a wider appeal.

More information about Galbraith LaboratoryThe next stage in the development of liquid chromatography testing took place in the late 1930s and early 1940s.  Two scientists, Synge and Martin developed a form where they supported the stationary phase (water) on silica gel and then used it to separate acetyl amino acids.  In their paper in 1941, they introduced the concept of gas chromatography in that they recommended replacing the liquid mobile phase with a gas to accelerate transfer between the two phases and for efficient separations.  They also introduced the beginnings of the concept of high performance liquid chromatography by suggesting that using small particles and high pressure in liquid chromatography testing could improve the separation.  

Today, liquid chromatography testing is widely used as a chemical analytical method.  Generally, liquid chromatography is performed in either a column or a plane.  Modern liquid chromatography typically uses very small packing particles and a relatively high pressure (high performance liquid chromatography HPLC).

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Galbraith provides the following liquid chromatography testing methods:

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