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How does metal testing work

Uses of Metals Testing

Contact Galbraith Laboratory for chemical testing Metals testing is important to many different industries as metals are typically found in soil, water, and hazardous waste.  Metals often tested for include selenium, aluminum, lead, mercury and arsenic.  Metals testing can be difficult as metals usually appear in very low concentrations in comparison with other chemicals commonly tested.  

Trace metals testing requires the detection, identification and quantification of trace metals in a sample.  Laboratories that provide trace analysis can typically determine metals at the parts per million and parts per billion levels.   

More information about Galbraith Laboratory How Does Metals Testing Work?

There are many different methods a laboratory will use for metals testing.  The chemist will choose the method depending on the sample material and metals being tested for.  When looking for a laboratory for your metals testing needs, choose a lab that has the following capabilities:

Assay and purity analysis
Raw material testing
Product specifications
Trace analysis
Method development
Method validation
Quality control screening

Some of the most common metals testing procedures include:

Inductively coupled plasma spectrometry
Optical emission spectrometry
Mass spectroscopy
Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy
Cold vapor atomic absorption
Flame atomic absorption spectroscopy
Automated combustion techniques

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