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Micro Analytical Chemistry

Microanalysis is the chemical identification and quantitative analysis of very small amounts of matter.

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Analytical chemistry is the science to analyze morphologies, compositions, and quantities of analytical targets. These analytical results have played critical roles from the understanding of basic science to a variety of practical applications, such as biomedical applications, environmental monitoring, quality control of industrial manufacturing, forensic science and so on.

Analytical chemistry is pursuing the development of practical applications and commercial instruments rather than elucidating scientific fundamentals. This may be an arguable difference from overlapping science areas such as physical chemistry and biophysics, although there are not any distinct boundaries among disciplines in contemporary science and technology. However, this aspect may attract many engineers' interest; thus, it is not difficult to see papers from engineering departments in analytical chemistry journals.

Among active contemporary analytical chemistry research fields, micro total analysis systems are considered a great promise of revolutionary technology. In this approach, integrated and miniaturized analytical systems are being developed to control and analyze single cells and single molecules. This cutting-edge technology has a promising potential of leading a new revolution in science as integrated circuits did in computer developments.

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