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Multiple analytical method validation methods

Based on over 60 years of experience, along with a wide variety of instrumentation, Galbraith® provides an exceptional advantage to its clients – Multiple Method Options. As many as 6 method options exist for elements analyzed routinely. Beyond these main method options, Galbraith also designs and develops customized procedures, methods and programs to meet specific needs. Careful evaluation of technical and process requirements is combined with the understanding of multiple analytical paths to create the most accurate and cost-effective laboratory service available. Benefits of Galbraith’s multiple analytical paths include:

The process for determining method suitability for a new matrix at GLI always begins with a thorough discussion of the project with the client. The degree of analytical work performed in determining the suitability of a method for a new matrix is highly flexible and is risk-based with respect to the end use of the data. GLI recommends development of a mutually agreed upon protocol with preset acceptance criteria prior to performing work. The degree of testing involved may vary from a simple spike study which can be priced on a per determination basis to full compliance with the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines for specificity, accuracy, and precision studies in which case pricing is typically set up on an hourly rate.