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Pharmaceutical Chemical Analysis

Pharmaceutical elemental analysis

Assays and Monographs

Galbraith performs hundreds of monographs and assays annually. Some of these are client-specific, while others come directly from Compendial sources such as ACS, USP/NF, JP, EP, and FCC. Familiarity with these methods makes Galbraith a valuable partner in applying existing procedures to experimental pharmaceuticals or new products. The technical staff always works closely with clients to ensure the use of appropriate procedures at each stage of product development as well as providing continuous quality control support for normal production runs.

Many additional assays and monographs are available beyond those listed in the alphabetical section. Standard turnaround time for complete monographs is three weeks. Due to the frequency of Compendial method revisions, monograph pricing may become outdated. Please contact Customer Relations for current price confirmation.

Wet Chemistry

Our Wet Chemistry Laboratory performs a wide range of tests using instrumental and classical methods from ASTM, ACS, AOAC, EPA, TAPPI, USP/NF, FCC, EP, and JP. Special methods and client-specified procedures for individual sample types and determinations are routinely performed.

Limits of Impurity

Tests are performed according to USP/NF, EP, JP, ACS, or FCC where applicable. For quantitative analysis or Limits of Impurity, refer to the alphabetical listing of tests or the Metals section.