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Chemical Testing Samples

Sample Handling

Item Description
Empty Cooler Return by commercial carrier
Handling under Argon Atmosphere
Handling under Nitrogen Atmosphere
Sample Return per sample (non-hazardous)
Sample Return per batch of three or more (non-hazardous)
Sample Return (hazardous)
Storage in Refrigerator/Freezer
Storage in Refrigerator/Freezer per batch of five or more

Sample Preparation

Item Description
Dry - prior to analysis (specify time & temp.) Vacuum, desiccant, room temp., 40° C, 60° C, 80° C, 100° C
Grind - prior to analysis (cryogenic) Liquid Nitrogen
Grind - prior to analysis (dry materials only) Shredder/Wiley mill/mortar and pestle
Grind - prior to analysis (extensive grind)
Loss on Drying LOD @ 105° C, or as specified
On Dry Basis Oven Dry
Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Sample Preparation ASTM E829
Tire Preparation Dry, grind, remove steel belt

Please use good sampling techniques. Our analyses are based on the sample submitted, which should be representative of larger batches or lots. Samples requiring special handling, treatment, or preparation may be subjected to additional charges.

We can preserve samples upon arrival at no additional cost; however, if we must split a sample into additional containers in order to accomplish proper preservation (i.e. multiple tests with different preservatives), container fees will be added. Air-sensitive or volatile samples should be submitted in separate vials for each analysis, if possible.

Additional sample return charges will apply for hazardous samples requiring non-standard packaging or shipping. Call for additional information.