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Elemental Analysis Sampling Practices

Testing Practices and Techniques

Please use good sampling techniques. Our analysis is based on the sample submitted, which should be representative of larger batches or lots. Samples requiring special handling, treatment, or preparation may be subject to additional charges. We homogenize multiphase samples as completely as possible prior to analysis unless otherwise instructed. Prior to analysis, we grind solid samples (extra charges apply) which appear heterogeneous, unless otherwise instructed. Please consider any container or holding time requirements.

For approximate sample sizes, refer to the price list. In general, detection limit is based on sample size used. For example, three to ten milligrams of sample should be supplied for the determination of each element present in amounts greater than two percent. For trace analyses (ppm), several grams are usually required for each determination. If sample is limited in quantity, call for more exact requirements based on your required detection limits. (Please be advised that most test methods used by our laboratory are destructive in nature.)