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Position Name Extension
President Brenda Saylor Thornburgh 1828
Senior Vice President Lee Bates 1829
Vice President of Technical Services William M. Longmire 1833
Director of Support Services Jim Cummings 1834
Director of Technical Services Darryl W. Hendricks 1822
     Technical Manager Mike Goodrich 1870
     Technical Manager Daniel R. Longnecker 1855
     Technical Manager Salvador J. Pastor 1843
     Technical Manager Tony Pickett 1823
Method Development and Validation Chemist Liliya Bykova 1826
Laboratory Manager Shawn Singh 1838
     Report Production Coordinator Christy Love 1825
     Report Production Coordinator Debbie Robertson 1821
Business Development and Validation Manager Jason Williams 1842
Regulatory Affairs Manager Robert L. Logan 1851
Manager of Quality Assurance David R. Venner 1813
Customer Relations Representative Ima C. Proffitt 1831