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Galbraith Microanalytical Lab Staff

Galbraith Gas Chromatography Laboratory Staff

At Galbraith, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. The true strength of any organization lies in its people. We believe that the individual strengths of Galbraith’s core team members, woven together using a multi-disciplinary approach, combine to create an integrated management team capable of supporting every aspect of our analytical services. The corporate staff is comprised of approximately 70 employees with experience and educational levels that complement the technical requirements of each position.

Galbraith strives to deliver world class analytical services through internal and external education and training designed to advance employee motivation, knowledge, and growth. Outside education and training is provided from a broad spectrum of sources, such as the University of Tennessee, government sponsored sessions, trade sessions, and technical societies in order to provide employees the opportunity to fulfill changing Company needs, degree requirements, expanding position requirements, and/or personal goals.