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Submit Your Sample for Wet Chemistry Analysis

You may order analytical services by submitting the following:

Galbraith’s Request for Analysis form (see Instructions) is available for download in PDF format for Adobe Reader. This form may be completed electronically before printing, or it may be printed and completed by hand. Additionally, Request for Analysis forms may be mailed or faxed upon request. Regulated studies may require a Chain-of-Custody form, which is also available upon request. To ensure prompt and correct handling of your samples, please forward a completed Request for Analysis form (RFA) with your samples. Please include an Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) with your sample submission and RFA form if the sample is known or suspected to be of a hazardous nature.

By taking care to follow the steps outlined below, you can avoid unnecessary delays and problems in the handling of your samples:

Be sure to give approximate percentage values for the elements requested, identify any interfering elements, and specify detection limits required. Choice of optimal method and approximate sample size are dependent upon this information. If repeat analyses are required due to lack of information, extra charges will apply. When desired, please specifically request trace analyses, as different sample sizes, procedures, and pricing may apply.