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Why choose Galbraith as your test laboratory?

How to select a Test Laboratory

Contact Galbraith Laboratory for chemical testingThere are many test laboratory facilities throughout the world that provide analytical testing, and one stands above in terms of quality, expertise and service.  Galbraith Laboratories, located in Knoxville, Tennessee, has established an international reputation for recognizing and solving client problems.  If you are searching for a test laboratory for your organization’s analytical needs, consider Galbraith Labs for these important reasons:

Customer Focused Environment
– At Galbraith Laboratories, they are committed to customer satisfaction.  Not merely a statement on a brochure, the entire company is structured to ensure each client is satisfied with all aspects of their testing.
More information about Galbraith Laboratory Commitment To Employees – The corporate culture at Galbraith ensures employees are given ample opportunity to grow and develop.  They support continual training, open communication, employee involvement and information sharing.

Continuous Improvement – As a test laboratory, Galbraith ensures it is continually improving all aspects of the business.  Utilizing best practices and investing in quality equipment means clients get the best efficiency and effectiveness, no matter what their analytical needs may be.

Technical Expertise – For almost sixty years, Galbraith has earned a stellar reputation for its technical expertise.  With clients from a wide range of industries, Galbraith offers the broadest range of expertise so you can rest assured that they have the technical expertise you need.

Multiple Method Options – With their quality instrumentation and methods, Galbraith offers multiple method options for testing many elements.  For customers with unique needs, their experts will work to develop and design customized methods and procedures to meet these needs.  This advantage sets Galbraith apart from other testing laboratory facilities because it gives clients the highest possible accuracy, maximum reproducibility and fastest possible turnaround.

Galbraith is the lab of choice based on the range of services offered, the ability to handle high volume/fast turnaround jobs as well as highly complex or custom projects, and quality results you can count on. With nearly 60 years of service, they have a proven track record with a high level of name recognition in the marketplace. Call Galbraith today and put their testing laboratory expertise to work for you!