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Analytical testing laboratory

Analytical Testing Laboratory

Contact Galbraith Laboratory for chemical testingIs your company in the market for a testing laboratory to handle your analytical testing needs?  Are you performing research of various laboratories and want to know what to look for?

Testing for product elements, safety and label claims is critical and requires a testing laboratory with expertise, quality and experience you can count on.  Here are four factors (in no particular order) that any company should consider before hiring a testing laboratory.

1. Expertise Laboratory testing can be complex and it is recommended that you seek a lab with industry-specific, technical and More information about Galbraith Laboratoryregulatory expertise. Choose a laboratory who offers the latest instrumentation and technology, allowing for multiple method options to offer the best technique to provide the greatest accuracy in testing.

2. Compliance Any testing laboratory that you choose must comply with standard operating procedures and regulatory affairs. It is extremely important that the appropriate regulatory agencies routinely perform audits of the laboratory. This process establishes credibility and is an important quality benchmark.

3. Communication Choose a laboratory that puts an emphasis on customer service and communication.  You should feel free to call the testing laboratory at any point to discuss current projects.  Conversely, the lab should call you if any problems arise during testing.

4. Quality Of course, you want to choose a laboratory adhering to the highest quality standards.  Find out:

Galbraith Laboratories is a full service testing laboratory with over 59 years experience offering you the expertise, service and quality you need to have full confidence in your results.  From routine analytical testing to complex and custom analyses, Galbraith is proud of its international reputation for recognizing and solving client problems.  Contact Galbraith today to see how this testing laboratory can become your partner for all your future analytical needs.