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Trace analysis from contract analytical testing laboratory
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What is Trace Analysis?

Do you have a product or raw material that you must determine if a particular element is present even in the most miniscule amounts?   Do you have a good understanding of what trace analysis is?  Do you need to identify a contract analytical testing laboratory to perform trace analysis testing for you?

More information about Galbraith Laboratory Trace analysis:

There are two main types of trace analysis tests:

Trace Metals Analysis – Important to ensure product safety. Pharmaceutical and consumer products may require trace metals analysis testing to determine the amount of trace metals present.  Metals present in a sample can cause material degradation and could pose a health danger in ingestible products.

Trace Organic Analysis – Pharmaceuticals and consumer products may also require trace organic analysis because trace organic compounds can alter a product’s toxicity and efficacy.  

Galbraith Laboratories, Inc. is a leading contract laboratory offering trace analysis services.  At Galbraith Labs, we have the ability to test for trace level chemicals in a variety of materials such as:

Agricultural Products
Food Products
M etals
Petroleum Products

Real life examples using the science of trace analysis include:

If your company requires trace analysis, we invite you to contact Galbraith Laboratories today to learn more about the Galbraith difference!