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what is elemental analysis
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What is Elemental Analysis?

Do you have a product or raw material that requires testing to identify if a particular element is present, or to what degree it is present? Do you have a good understanding of what elemental analysis is? Do you need to identify a contract analytical testing laboratory to perform this type of testing for you?

Elemental analysis is: More information about Galbraith Laboratory
Elemental analyses may be performed as qualitative or quantitative tests. Qualitative analysis identifies the composition of a sample, but it does not offer measurement of the elements present. Quantitative analysis measures the concentration of an identified element present in a sample.

The need for elemental analysis spans business and industry, academia, government, health-care and other enterprises world-wide. From a pharmaceutical research & development project to evidence gathered by authorities at a bomb site, the need for elemental analysis can and does enter into the equation of day to day business activities.

Real life examples using the science of elemental analysis include:

Testing for the presence of the toxic element lead in various products that are used in everyday life; with recent specific emphasis on toys.

Testing for product impurities.

Testing for verification of structure of organic compounds in product.

Testing for active ingredients in various products.

Using the above examples as a snapshot of the vast array of sample matrices that may require testing, there are numerous methods available to attain the most accurate testing results:

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